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The Elbphilharmonie as cutting and serving board

Our Elphi cutting board (ca. 45 x 35 cm) can be purchased exclusively in the store on the Plaza in the Elbphilharmonie

Hamburg (Germany)



Our wave board with different borders



Our patchwork board with or without borders



Our 3-D boards with or without border

Walnut cutting boards

The wood is noble, smooth and hard and has very good strength. It is also very resistant to bending and rarely warps. In combination with its characteristic grain and the dark color shade, walnut has a very decorative effect. Wall panelling, stairs or doors are other products made from this robust wood. In this context, walnut is also in great demand as parquet flooring or floor covering.


Oak cutting boards

The cutting board is made of European oak. Oak wood has natural tannic acids (tannins) that inhibit the growth of bacteria. In addition, the upright position of the wood fibers removes moisture from the surface of the cutting board very quickly, so that bacteria cannot find good living conditions. The heavy oak chopping boards rest safely and evenly on the kitchen worktop. This ensures that even under heavy loads, the forces are distributed evenly.

Maple cutting boards

The wood of the sycamore maple is one of the most valuable noble deciduous woods. The annual rings are clearly recognizable, between the annual rings the irregularly arranged pores and often also the medullary rays are clearly visible as spots or stripes.
The wood has a medium density and so it represents a medium-heavy wood species. It is elastic and tough, but at the same time hard and has only a low shrinkage. The bending strength is good.

Hornbeam cutting boards

The hornbeam is also called white beech for its bright wood. Because of its immense hardness it is also called iron tree. The hornbeam has a particularly hard and heavy wood, which is very well suited for the production of cutting boards or chopping blocks.
The tree gets its dense structure and hardness from its evenly built wood, which leads to a very fine pattern with hardly visible annual rings.




Colorful patterned cutting boards from various woods

Unique handicrafts from end-grain wood