Here you can buy your cutting board

The Hamburg Elbphilharmonie as a cutting and serving board


You can purchase our ‘Elphi’ cutting board (approx. 45 x 35 cm / 17” x 13”) exclusively in the shop on the Plaza in the Elbphilharmonie.




Our wave pattern boards with various circumferential borders




Our patchwork board with or without borders



Our 3-D boards with or without border

Walnut cutting boards

When we refer to walnut, we are usually talking about the wood of the walnut tree.

This precious wood is smooth and solid and has very good strength. In addition, it is very resistant to bending and rarely warps. Its characteristic grain pattern and dark color nuances makes walnut look exceptionally decorative. Wall panels, stairs and doors are other examples made from this robust wood and in high demand for wood floors.


Oak cutting boards




This cutting board is made from European oak. Oak wood has natural tannic acids (tannin) inhibiting the growth of bacteria. In addition, the upright orientation of the wood fibers cause surface moisture to be removed exceptionally quick, creating an environment where bacteria do not have good living conditions.


 The heavy oak cutting boards are positioned flat and secure on the kitchen counter, allowing even high work forces to be more evenly distributed.





Our maple tree cutting boards




The wood of the sycamore maple is one of the precious hardwoods. The annual rings are clearly visible and in between, irregularly arranged pores and often the pith rays can be detected as spots or stripes.
Because of its density, maple is a medium-weight type wood. It is elastic and tough, but at the same time hard with a good bending strength and has only a small shrinkage.


Hornbeam cutting boards

Hornbeam is known for its light color wood and because of its exceptional hardness it is also called ironwood.

This remarkably hard and heavy wood makes it particularly suitable for cutting boards and chopping blocks.

The tree gets its dense structure and hardness from its very evenly structured wood, resulting in a very fine pattern and barely visible annual rings.






Colorful patterned cutting boards from various woods

Unique handicrafts from end-grain wood